About Me

My name is Les Allan. Like many of you who are visiting this page, I’m a home owner.

What I have found over the years is that unless you have moved into a new-build there are always going to be projects that need doing that will eat away at your savings.

On top of this, as we introduce more & more technology into the home, power bills can go through the roof – particularly in winter.

What I hope to do here is introduce and review products where cleantech has¬†filtered down to the consumer markets. I’ll show¬†innovative products that allow us to save money. Ultimately they will be good for the environment as well.

Keep Making Improvements

My advice, particularly to young home owners starting out is this: making savings through energy efficiency is like a war. It is made up of a series of strategic battles. If you win enough battles then you will win the war.

Much of the emerging consumer technology offers what appears on the surface to be small savings. But these small increments add up, just ask a day trader!!

So if you are looking for what I consider to be a very good washer that ticks all of boxes for energy efficiency, check out my Home Page.