The LG WM4270HWA TurboWash: An Energy Star Front Load Washer

My Review of the LG WM4270HWA Washing Machine.

LG WM4270HWA Energy Star Appliance washing machine reviews

  • The LG WM4270HWA helps you save money!. 
  • It is a mid range front load washer with a 4.5 Cu. Ft. maximum capacity. This is is roughly equivalent to two standard laundry baskets of washing.
  • Like most LG appliances the WM4270HWA TurboWash comes loaded with a huge raft of features.

The EPA Features the WM4270HWA in their Washing Machine Reviews

All Those Features

With 14 different wash programs and 11 options within these, you get tight control over how the machine operates. This is very important when you look at it in the context of making your home energy efficient

So How Does it Help You Save money?  How to save money

  1. The machine can detect the amount of laundry you put into it and adjust the required water levels automatically. You save money on your water bills.
  2. This is also important if you are washing with hot water. Only the water that you require is heated and used, thus saving energy & ultimately saving money.
  3. Furthermore if you choose to use only cold water for both washing and rinsing this will put even more money back in your pocket in the long run.
  4. Depending on whether you have gas or electric water heating, annual energy costs are estimated to range between $8-$12. That is hugely energy efficient!!

Can I Stack It?

Due to its sturdiness, a clothes dryer can be stacked on top of it thus saving valuable space.

The Color Scheme

Unlike some of its more funky relatives the WM4270HWA TurboWash comes in a limited range of colors; basic White & Graphite Steel.

Its Guaranteed!

guaranteed to save money

It comes with a One Year Parts and Labor guarantee & a very respectable 10 year warranty on its Motor and a Lifetime Warranty on the Drum.

 Something to Watch Out For

In my research of washing machine reviews, one seemingly negative point came up a few times. Because of the way the WM4270HWA hard closes its water valves when regulating the water levels, it can lead to banging pipes (or water hammer) if you have high water pressure.

Water Hammer Arrester

Forewarned is forearmed however and a couple of water hammer arresters installed at the same time as the machine makes the problem go away.

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So How Does it Measure Up?

Best Washing Machine

  • I’m going to score the LG WM4270HWA TurboWash a very creditable 4 out of 5 stars.
  • The WM4270HWA‘s considerable capacity makes it ideal for a small family.
  • It has intelligence built into it that saves water & energy; both ways to save money.
  • There is a program to cover all wash day scenarios.
  • And it won’t break the budget coming in at around $899.00
  • It misses out on its final star because of the Water Hammer design flaw issue.

What Other Washing Machine Reviews Are Saying About the LG WM4270HWA TurboWash…

“I bought this washer about a month ago and love it! It is quiet, quick and does a great job. I love that it has a bulky setting for bedding and larger loads.” – Renita

“This is our second washer from LG. Both have been great (the last one stayed with the house when it was sold). This washer is easy to use. I love the feature that keeps the door partly open when not in use so that the inside drys out and prevents mildew. I wish there was a option to order the door to open from the left side. Our dryer is not stacked so it would be easier to move the laundry to the dryer (on the left of the washer).” – M3too

LG WM4270HWA TurboWash FAQ’s

Q: Where can I buy the LG WM4270HWA TurboWash

A: The LG WM4270HWA can be bought directly through the manufacturer                                                   ===> or you can click here:

Q: What makes the WM4270HWA so efficient?

A: The WM4270HWA is efficient on several different levels. It is fast – up to 20 minutes faster per wash than a lot of its predecessors and competitors. Water levels are optimized automatically, thus allowing you to save money on water & power bills. You save time and money!

Q: How does it rank against the best washing machines out there?

A: The term “Best Washing Machine” is very subjective. Good washers come in various sizes and have different features so its like comparing apples to oranges. Their energy efficiency as well as their water usage can be measured however. Suffice to say that the Energy Star Program includes the LG WM4270HWA TurboWash in the group of “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017” based on its energy efficiency.